I am so grateful for the clients that I have, I appreciate their kind words and their willingness to give me a referral . Here are a few words from my clients...


"I have nothing but positive things to say about Sandra & Private Moments Natural Skin Therapy (5 stars). Sandra is so knowledgeable, sweet & professional. I can honestly say that it is the best facial that I've ever had, even down to the extractions. My skin is hydrated and refreshed, looks much healthier and youthful. I look forward to my facials every month." - Sonya


"Sandra (Sawn-Dra) Is amazing. My skin analysis and facial took longer than the scheduled time, but it never changed her pleasant demeanor or my price which was a FREE consultation. She remained peaceful and fully engaged with all of my questions. And at the end of my first visit I felt renewed in mind body and spirit. My facial consisted of all the right ingredients and aromas. This is going to sound silly but, I walked away feeling LOVED. You know the energy that comes from someone who really cares about you ? It flows naturally from her like healing waters. I'll be going back soon for another relaxing visit. I would definitely recommend Sandra at Private Moments Natural skin Therapy. Thank you Sandra; love you ! " - Janice


"I love Sandra . She is absolutely wonderful. She really takes her time with her clients and makes them feel comfortable, at ease and on cloud 9 ! Her prices are so very reasonable, and she has great deals she offers often. She will not disappoint you ! I have recommended her to my friends, who also love her. I would definitely recommend Sandra at Private Moments Natural Skin Therapy . " - Wendy


"This is by far 1 of the best facials I ever had. She was very thorough and extremely professional. I highly recommend her and would go back again" - Tammy S.

"Very professional, knowledgeable, and exceptionally customer focused. Highly recommend this person and her business" - Pamela H.

"Sandra was great. I did the facial, and we added a back facial. Both were wonderful, she made me some hot tea afterwards and I so enjoyed the whole relaxing experience." - Ann L.

"Sandra, is a wealth of information. Made another appointment for two. " - Penelope M.

"Sandra is wonderful! Although she was running behind schedule, she didn't cut my time & she was very personable & knowledgeable." - HB Kelsey

"It was a great experience ! Very personal. I have very sinsitive and problematic skin but her products were so gentle and my skin feels revived and looks healthy after the treatment. I already booked my next appointment. " - Maria V.

"Lovely experience." - Barbara G.

"Excellent service !" - Antoinette F.H.


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